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Protecting Our Communities

We support our community churches by providing financial literacy and fundraising programs. Our church programs educate and empowers members for effective estate planning, retirement and legacy building. Our programs enhance the churches financial strength and support systems to help members in crisis.

Funeral Assistance

1. Do you want to reduce the number of church members go fund-me events for funerals?

2. You want church members better financially prepared for retirement and for the loss of a spouse?

3. Interested in the churches ability to provide greater services for your community?

Family & Mortgage Protection

1. Interested in paying off mortgage in the event a love one becomes disabled or dies?

2. Interested in paying off mortgage early and paying extra?

3. Interested in establishing college funds for children & grandchildren?

Retirement / ESTATE Planning

1. Want to maximize social security income?

2. Have insurance but want to add more to offset inflation or provide survivors benefits?

3. Self employed and interested in a higher yielded bank account?

4. Want to minimize taxes withdrawing sheltered funds?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to speak with a professional.

Call us now on 281-336-9849 to request more information or assistance